De Ontdekhal in Bits&Chips Magazine

Anja van den Einden

Anja van den Einden

Deze maand verscheen de Ontdekhal in het tech magazine van Bits & Chips, met een belangrijke oproep aan (techniek)bedrijven in en om Overvecht om de technieksector levend te houden door kinderen te inspireren met techniek. Een mooie kans om als bedrijf een steentje bij te dragen aan de techniekontwikkeling van jouw toekomstige werknemers.

Stichting TEC Utrecht gaat waardevolle partnerschappen met bedrijven in de omgeving aan om samen de wijk Overvecht en de technieksector te verbeteren.
Bestaande partners zijn onder meer BAM, Heijmans, Eneco en Gemeente Utrecht.

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If you think about technology regions, you might not immediately think of Utrecht. Utrecht is famous for its beautiful city center. It’s also the central railroad hub in the Netherlands, which is why many major events are organized in the Jaarbeurs And… from now on, Utrecht has a real “Hall of Discoveries,” to inspire children and youngsters to pursue a future in tech!

The tech situation: alarming
Employers in the construction and technology industries suffer a major shortage of workers. For realizing the climate goals alone, an extra capacity of 70,000 people in the Netherlands is needed in the short term. While the city of Utrecht has high ambitions in this area, its technical education outflow is extremely low in 2019, only 17(1) VMBO students (preparatory secondary vocational education) choose technology as their major.

The solution: Hall of Discoveries
In response to this situation, leading companies (including BAM, Heijmans and Eneco), together with the municipality of Utrecht, have built the “Hall of Discoveries” (De Ontdekhal). With the proven concept of “The Inventors” as the cornerstone, children can discover if they have affinity and talent for technology and innovation. On top of the inventors programs and workshops in the Hall, all schools (primary and secondary education) in Utrecht are offered adventure programs for appealing tech education at their school locations.

The challenge: your company’s support
The responsible foundation, TEC Utrecht, already has a great partner network. However, for a sustainable continuation of the Hall of Discoveries and expansion of the activities, many more partners are needed. Only with the help of tech companies themselves, enough children will be inspired to choose for a future in their business area. Is your company one of those? Send an email to and discover how this great initiative for all children will be beneficial for you as well!